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The Still was an invitation to come back into myself, to learn to listen in the quiet and the laughter, and to bask in the beauty of connecting with other women. Through reflective writing, daily yoga, shared meals, stories and outdoor activities, I was able to acknowledge and accept my need for spark in grief after losing my husband two years ago. Even though The Still was only a weekend, I continue to carry with me the incredible warmth and healing from that experience. Life is too short to miss moments like The Still. Thank you, Deb.  


After a transition back home to Montreal, I was thrilled for the opportunity to join a women’s retreat. Debbie is a natural born coordinator and created a lovely and spacious environment with some of the best vegetarian food I’ve ever had on a retreat. And I’ve been going to and hosting retreats for 15 years. We practiced yoga, we wrote, we walked, and we had more than enough time to think as well as be as our selves and in community.


Go alone. This retreat arrived at just the perfect time.  I had been yearning for an occasion where I could step away from the whirlwind and be still long enough to hear myself think again, and ask myself meaningful questions that would allow me to know who I am now that my three kids are getting older.  
The retreat was transformational.  The combination of introspective exercises, soulful yoga, basking in nature, the delicious healthy food and (unexpectedly but oh so importantly) sorority was magical.  All of my senses were stimulated during the course of the weekend. 
I arrived feeling a bit shy, worried I’d be the only one there who was there alone. The group of women I met felt like instant friends, I was so glad to have gone alone - the experience was better for it .  The alchemy produced by the presence of each individual present can only be experienced.  I was able to show up as the truest version of me, and be vulnerable enough to not put up unnecessary armour.  
I cannot say enough good words about this retreat!  If you are waiting for a sign to book and attend, this is your sign!

~ Mylene

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